• This will need technological advancement and technical persons to hold the business and scale up its partnership. The Gujarat industrial policy took several chances to enhance the services and productions. With the latest reforms of the Gujarat government, several investors are getting attracted to the state. To increase the manpower, technical reforms help to get suitable candidates to perform the work.
  • For technical competence, a larger group of people are completing their degrees in ITI’s to provide their technical support to the businesses.
  • So, there is a scheme for enhancing technical competence and manpower introduced by the Government of Gujarat that came into force from 07.08.2020.
  • The Government sets several definitions to decide the candidate industries to be a part of this scheme.

Anchor Institute

  • Those institutes that can produce strong industries linkage to get the proven ability to generate more employment in the technical field. These institutions will draft the curriculum for the person that is performing his technological degree. These institutions are responsible for advising, monitoring, and nurturing several skills of those candidates that can provide their skills in advancing businesses.
  • There can only be one anchor institute in a particular sector.

Nodal Institute

  • The nodal institute will train the second level trainers and supervisors under the control of Anchor institute. The anchor institute has the right to assign any engineering, ITI, Polytechnic, or equivalent institutes as a nodal institute. There should be a specialization of any industrial training criteria to be a nodal institution.

Host Institute

  • Host institute will be from the institutes that are going to be trained by the nodal institutes. They can either any of the institutions that are applying to be a host institute.
  • Let us understand what the scheme of the Gujarat government to boost industrial knowledge is.

Anchor Institutes will get Financial Assistance from the Government.

  • There are certain eligibility criteria to take assistance from the Government, and any institution can apply to be an anchor institute.
  • The State Level Empowered Committee (SLEC) will select any of the institutes to be an anchor institute based on employment generation’s ability from at least 10 years.
  • The anchor institute’s role is to select the nodal institution based on the selection criteria and offer them excellent quality training to generate employment on a large scale. An eligible institute must prepare a proposal with its training programs’ schedule to become an anchor institute.

How will the Anchor Institute select Nodal Institutions?

  • As per the specialized training requirements, the anchor institute will select 5 nodal institutions to provide funding. The nodal institutions have to provide specialized training to the new talents and prepare them to be part of the technical advancement scheme.
  • To select the nodal institution, the anchor institute has the responsibility to give better outcomes. According to the infrastructures, they have to choose the nodal institutions, train more personnel, etc.

Support from the Government to Enhance the Services

  1.  The Government will offer financial support under this scheme to create awareness seminars with the maximum support of 1,00,000 rupees.
  2.  SLEC can assist the institutions financially to renovate the institution’s infrastructure and approve the institution’s expenditure.
  3.  Under these schemes, trainees will get reimbursement for the travel from their residence to the training institutes after completing their training.