The government of Gujarat has proposed crucial assistance to the projects that are working to protect the environment. This assistance will enhance the development of several industries working to prepare safety equipment used in environmental protection. The manufacturing units in the state will get a boost, where all the new projects will get assistance to produce several factors to protect the environment.

This assistance will boost the economy after getting assistance to invent some environmental tools. Industrial growth is crucial to enhance the protection ideas of the environment.

Gujarat government focuses on the green Gujarat initiative to save the environment from the waste that is spread by industries. They allow institutions to find out smart ways that can enhance industrialization and not harm the environment. Even a task force was established to take care of environmental causes. The assistance will empower several inventors, that are working to find out smart ways in environmental protection.

Definitions that are crucial in the assistance

Existing Enterprises: The eligible enterprises should have filed EM part II and should have the Udhyog Aadhar or Udhyam registration.

Project Cost: This will be the cost approved by the committee registered under this resolution.

Eligible Fixed Capital Investment: This will be the cost of machinery and plants used to improve the company’s civil or machinery needs. This investment will be eligible for the tenure of this scheme.

Scheme 1.

Assistance for the environment management

  • To optimize the raw materials, and cleaning production latest technical methods are used by the industries. Those methods that can reduce the use of water and energy will come under assistance.
  • Any environmental project that is using clean and innovative safety equipment. This will enhance the efficiency of tools that are used in environmental protection measures.

Those activities that are eligible to get assistance under this scheme.

Eligible Activities

  • To implement raw material optimization and making ways of reducing the use of water and energy.
  • That environmental management projects are introducing some smart ways of cleaning.

Quantum of assistance to these projects

  • To implement raw material optimization, the government will assist with a maximum of 35% of the machinery and plants’ cost. This scheme is for the MSMEs, and for large businesses, there will be cost support of 10% of the total cost.
  • For environmental projects, the assistance will be 25% of the total cost for the MSMEs. This will be applied during the commencement of the whole scheme. And for large industries, the assistance will be 10% of the cost of plants and machinery units in the state. The assistance will depend on the operation capacity and the production scale of the organization.

There will be a state-level governing authority that will scrutinize the applications, and provide assistance to these industries.

Scheme for Green practices and environmental management

Those enterprises are practising green environmental management and making equipment to enhance the safety of the environment.

Eligible activities to be the part of this assistance

  • Installing online continuous stack emission monitoring system (CSME) devices in the industries to manage green energy.
  • Industrial buildings that consist of an area of more than 2000 sq. m and obtained the green rating of IGBC for the one time in the period.

Quantum of assistance to these projects

They will get a total of 75% of the total fees for auditing services. The assistance will come valid up to the scheme’s period, and those industries that are finding new ways of promoting green energy will get the direct benefit.