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Tax is one of the biggest expenses that a person has to make, depending on the country where he lives.

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is the largest indirect tax reform in Ahmedabad India. GST is a pan-India single unified tax on both Goods and Services, levied only on ‘value added’ to goods and services at each stage in the economic supply chain. GST is not just a change in tax, it is expected to have a far reaching impact on each facet of business operations in the country such as pricing of products and services, supply chain optimization, IT, accounting and tax compliance systems. It will impact the tax structure, tax incidence, tax computation, tax payment, compliance, credit utilization and reporting, leading to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system.

There are lot of loopholes in tax laws, however one needs to ensure that they have the guidance of an expert in order to be certain that they are protected. A duty expert is familiar about the things that one needs to do, and the loopholes that one can exploit in order to diminish the amount of tax that is required to pay. A consultant's primary goal is to maintain their customer's expenses. A reputed consultant will give vital information to guarantee that his customer is following all the legal rules and regulations. A consultant reviews records of his clients, make adjustments, deductions and credits will give advice based on the financial ability of an individual or organizations. These Consultants are experts who have experienced broad preparing to end up qualified before they set foot in rehearsing; they are specialists in reporting and interpreting.

Tax arrangements are extremely technical and complex and can be mistaking for a layman. An expert consultant makes the job easier and more straightforward since he/she understands the procedure easily. Employing a tax expert is a costly issue and may be considered as an extra cost, but on the contrary, a consultant can actually save lots of money for the company.

Our Service offerings GST:

  • We play a key role in fostering awareness of the GST and provide guidance on what steps our clients should take pre and post introduction of GST

  • We have been closely involved in monitoring the developments on GST. We help businesses in anticipating policy changes and assessing impact on their operations.

  • We offer a host of specialized GST advisory services which includes analyzing its impact on business of our clients in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, scenario analysis including alternative business models, legislative business level implementation assistance, transition management and undertaking key compliances.

Our Service offerings IT:

  • Tax planning and optimization strategies for clients in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  • Tax planning and optimization for proposed transactions

  • Ongoing direct tax payments, advance tax and self-assessments for companies, firms and other forms of person

  • Ongoing tax compliances as TDS, professional tax etc.

  • Filing of tax returns for companies, firms and other forms of person

  • Liaising with Income Tax authorities in cases of tax demands, scrutiny or disputes

  • Tax audits for companies and firms in form 3CD as prescribed by the Income Tax authorities

Goods and Service Tax (GST)

We have a wide experience in providing compliance services in Indirect taxes in a systematic manner which includes,

  • Registration
  • Complete guidance and assistance to get rid of all GST related worries
  • Filling of refund application
  • Advisory on Accounting issues relating to GST
  • Advising on Maintenance of statutory records and registers
  • Analysis of Business structure from GST perspective
  • Providing timely updates on changes notified by the Government or local authorities

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